A quick video outside the offices.

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6 Responses to A bit of afternoon fun!

  1. terry says:

    Its so good to see Aero Modeller back again. I picked my copy up from WH Smiths this morning and I must say I think you have all done a a great job. Its every bit as good as the old aeromodeller (if not better) with a fresher look. Good luck and looking forward to the next issue. Terry
    PS. Is this the first issue or have i missed one ?

    • admin says:

      Thanks Terry
      The November issue image that was shown was purely a mock up and has never actually been printed.
      Our new aeromodeller started with the January/February 2013 Issue.

  2. Ian Laing says:

    Thanks for bringing back “Aero Modeller”!
    After sixty five years exploring the vast field of aero modelling, it comes as a breath of fresh air to come back to the very basics that got me hooked in the first place!
    Looking forward to many more years of the old classic “Aero Modeller”.

  3. tony says:

    RE; A bit of afternoon fun.

    How very responsible. Are you aware of the BMFA handbook & its guidelines? Still if you are I’m guessing you would be making a claim on the BMFA insurance had the glider hit and damaged a car…
    Very poor. DON’T keep it up.

  4. I am absolutely thrilled that Aero Modeller is back!
    Ian Laing (a friend and fellow aero modeller) brought me a copy of the 1st Issue and I gobbled it up. Awesome – well done chaps.
    Just “by the way” (or in passing) … we recently hosted the first dedicated Free Flight Event to be held in South Africa for more than 30 years at our ARCF Flying Club outside Albertinia, South Africa.
    What a great time – despite the weather…
    Kind aero modelling regards…

  5. R R Gopal says:


    I am an avid aeromodeller based in India and I build my own planes. I was a regular reader of Aero Modeller when I was in school (45 years ago !!).
    I am excited about the relaunch of Aero Modeller which I hope gives a lot of info about whats happening in the field around the world. Anyways if nothing atleast for nostalgia !! Look forward to Aero Modeller issues.
    I shall fill the subscription form and do the needful.

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