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Meet The Team

Editor: Andrew Boddington

Publisher: Alan Harman

If you would like to talk to us about writing for our magazine, advertising opportunities or anything else, please contact us.

8 Responses to About Us

  1. admin says:

    Dear Gerard

    Many thanks for your contact and offer to help – I appreciate it.
    We have been working away in the background and as soon as we appoint an Editor I will pass your info to them.
    Thanks again

  2. Pat Heffer says:

    Hello Mr Harman, I have very warm memories of the Aeromodeller back in the 70’s and also 90’s. I have always been interested in all things free flight though my leanings are more towards vintage rubber power and converting vintage models to electric. I was lucky enough a few years ago to have had a plan published though it was only a very simple electric powered model but quite flattering and pleasing nevertheless. The model was called the Norped and made mostly from depron. The Aeromodeller editor at the time saw me flying the model at Old Warden and asked me what it was called and not having thought of a name my flying buddy suggested reversing the word depron and hence Norped. By chance it is only recently I’ve been able to return to making models as I’ve been ill for the last few years so it’s quite apt to have the magazine to look forwards to in October. I wish you all the best for the success of the magazine. Thanks, Pat

    • admin says:

      Many thanks Pat
      I’ll pass your message on to the editor when we appoint one – we are looking right now…
      We have had a great reaction from modellers like yourself.
      Many thanks and regards
      Alan Harman

  3. Darien Cassidy says:

    Please send me your postal address so that I can post you a cheque to subscribe to the new Aero modeller.

    Darien Cassidy

    • admin says:

      Dear Darien
      Many thanks for your interest.
      Our address is:
      ADH Publishing
      Doolittle Mill
      Doolittle Lane
      LU6 1QX

      Alan Harman

  4. Gerard Bleekman says:

    Hallo Alan,

    I am very happy that you and your team succeed in Publishing the New AeroModeller
    in October this year!
    A friend of mine in England has already made a subscribtion on the New AeroModeller for me ,happy i am of course.
    All the best for you and the new Aeromodeller in the nearby future.


    Gerard Bleekman-The Netherlands.

  5. Chris Conroy says:

    I am in my 67th year of aeromodelling. Also design and build great big models you can fly in (see website). Have about 300 copies of aeromodeller, as well as many hundreds of other modelling and full size mags. My favourite has always been Aeromodeller and I still browse my old copies. Best of luck, kindest regards, Chris.P.S. Please advise any outlets in Australia. If not, will subscribe by mail.

    • admin says:

      Dear Chris
      Aeromodeller will be distributed in Australia, we don’t have a list as yet but when we do we will ut a list on the website, it will as always take a while to get to you down there so subscribing is certainly the fastest route!

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