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12 Responses to WHSmiths and Barnes & Noble Stockists

  1. G Harrison says:

    I have yet to find a copy of Aeromodeller at any local Smith ???

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr Harrison
      We have delayed the first issue until December 13th, on the website you can now make a postcode search of the WHSmiths shops that will have the first issue – but not until December 13th. If you subscribe the subscriber’s copies will be mailed out from our office on 6th December.

  2. Richard Dalby says:

    Just looked at the W.H.Smith branches in the central London area and NONE of the branches at ALL the MAJOR RAIL STATIONS are listed as stocking Aeromodeller!!!!!

    • admin says:

      Hi Richard
      Sorry but to put AeroModeller in WHSmiths in central London stations would cost a fortune and we can’t do that, put in your postcode and we do have plenty of stores in London like Oxford Street and Holborn but not Stations… remember though not on sale until December 13th – or order on line and it will be mailed next day!
      AeroModeller Team

  3. A.Wittkamp says:

    I just came back from a 60 mile r/t ride to Hammond’s Books A Million that u have listed as stocking Aeromodeller. Sorry to say it was a waste of time and money as they had never heard of yr mag. If this is an example of yr reliablilty I will never subscribe.
    Cheers / A.Wittkamp

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr Wittkamp
      Apologies for your wasted journey, the release date in the UK was December 13th and the magazine was in stores on time, but it takes time for it to be distributed around the world, and indeed in the USA as the country is so big the US distributors cannot give us dates on when it will reach US stores over the US. I would hope it will be there by mid January but with the holidays possibly slowing things down a little I’d advise calling the store first. If you want to email me the store nearest to you I’ll do my best to find out when it arrives and let you know.
      Alan Harman, AeroModeller email:

  4. A.Wittkamp says:

    The closest listed store is Books A Million in Hammond, Louisiana. We have a very large Books A Million store right here in Covington ( larger then the Hammond store ) but it’s not on yr list.
    Thanks for your reply. A.Wittkamp

  5. alex malcolm says:

    tried to buy a copy at W.H Smith Ipswich have not had in stock a wasted journey and a nightmare to park

    • admin says:

      I will try to get info on why they didn’t have it – some stores have sold out, we can send direct from our office same price on 2nd Jan when we are back, apologies for the wasted time.
      Alan Harman

    • admin says:

      Hi Alex
      We checked with WHSmith Ipswich and they should have soem copies left as the sales there are showing they still have 4 in stock, I wasn’t able to actually talk to anyone in store but computer data show this info – maybe worth a call before you travel again, apologies for the problem – again you can always get a copy from us direct on 01525 222573.


  6. A.Wittkamp says:

    I have made another trip to Hammond, La., and just like the last time Books a Million did not have yr mag and said they never heard of it. Since u adv the release date for UK was 12/13/2012 I would expect that by now 1/18/2013 it would have reached BaM in Hammond. Does yr distributor not have any better info then what u gave me in December?
    Thanks / A.Wittkamp

  7. Ates says:

    Hello, I’ve been checking the Barnes & Noble bookstores here in the US for the last couple of months as well as on their web site and I see no trace of the Aeromodeller magazine. I also checked with their help desk and it seems like nobody seems to have heard anything about the magazine being delivered in US by the B&N stores. Could you please help?



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